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Matrixx Initiatives has been engaged in the development and marketing of better ways to feel better through over-the-counter health care products that utilize innovative drug delivery systems for over 20 years. Matrixx Initiatives manufactures and markets Zicam® brand homeopathic and allopathic OTC products, including its clinically proven ZICAM® Cold Remedy Nasal Spray and Swab, ZICAM® Cold Remedy RAPIDMELTS®, ZICAM® Cold Remedy Oral Mist™, ZICAM® Cold Remedy Medicated Fruit Drops, ZICAM® Cold Remedy Ultra Crystals and ZICAM® Cold Remedy Lozenges. Matrixx products also include ZICAM® Cold Remedy Relief for Kids, ZICAM® Allergy Relief Spray and Swab, ZICAM® Extreme Congestion Relief and ZICAM® Intense Sinus Relief. For more information regarding Matrixx products, please visit www.zicam.com.
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Matrixx Initiatives is the maker of the Zicam® family of products.

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